Great Eastern Lodge No. 9452

Great Eastern Lodge

The Great Eastern Lodge was consecrated on the 8th May 1993, originally for Railwaymen in general who were either train drivers or worked in the shunter yards or on the railways in general.

As The Great Eastern Lodge popularity and membership grew and its membership flourished, men from outside the railway fraternity became members and this is how “The Great Eastern Lodge” became what it is now known as “A Great Happy Friendly Lodge of Freemasons”.

“To Be One, Ask One”

Flying Scotsman

Flying Scotsman

Meeting place:

  • The Masonic Hall
  • Barn Ruche
  • Thetford Road
  • Watton
  • Norfolk
  • IP25 6HN

Meetings are held on the Second Friday in: September, November, and April to July
Meetings start at 6pm and usually finish at 10pm.

W.M: Edward W. Hitchcox, 6 Old Gardens, Brooke, Norwich, NR15 1JZ
Tel: 01508 558738 (Home) 07748 825409 (Mobile)

Secretary: David Eaton, 6 Church Street, Bradenham, Norfolk, IP25 7QL
Tel: 01362 821239

Almoner: Derek Wright, 44, Hunters Oak, Watton, Norfolk, IP25 6HL
Tel: 01953 883911

Next Master: Sean R. Steven, 52 Ash Close, Thetford, Norfolk, IP24 3QH
Tel: 07789 906275 (Mobile)


Why do people become Freemasons?

People become Freemasons for many reasons, mainly because their friends are Freemasons and they therefore feel that it must be something good if their friends are members.

Also people become Masons to make new acquaintances from all walks of life and backgrounds and age groups.

Is Freemasonry a religious organisation?

No, Masonry recognises no distinction of religion and emphasises the duties of citizenship, in fact religious and political discussion is not permitted at lodge meetings, we accept a man for who he is , not what his faith or political views are.

What is Freemasonry about?

Freemasonry is all about like-minded good men getting together and meeting at their lodge to socialise, and meet old and new friends. And part of the evening is private and the second part is when all the members sit down and enjoy dinner together.

Is Freemasonry secret?

No, definitely not, our lodge meeting place is shown above, but we do have private or what you may call secret modes of recognition which we like to keep to ourselves.

How do I become a Freemason?

That’s easy, if you already know someone who is a mason ask them how to join, alternatively contact the lodge secretary (01508 558738 – and he will explain to you what you need to do

Train N7

N7 69621 on freight