Richard Gurney Lodge No 8387

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Meeting Place:

  • The Masonic Hall,
  • Chandler’s Hill,
  • Norfolk
  • NR18 0BE.

Richard Gurney Lodge was named after the 17th Provincial Grand Master for the Province of Norfolk. Richard Quintin Gurney. T.D. D.L. Provincial Grand Master for the Province of Norfolk 1968-1980.





W.M: Terry Y.K. Larkowsky, 23 Grove Road, Hethersett, Norwich, NR9 3JP
Tel: 01603 812341 (Home) 07780 532137 (Mobile)

Secretary: Barry O’Leary
Tel: 07766 207347 (Mobile)

Almoner: Derek Clover 28, Longdell Hills, Costessey, Norwich, NR5 0PD
Telephone: 01603 743408 (Home) 07702 958204 (Mobile)

Next Master: P. Bishop

Meetings 2019/20


  • November 21st
  • December 12th


  • January 18th
  • February 20th
  • March 19th
  • April 16th
  • May 21st
  • October 15th (Installation)
  • November 19th
  • December 10th


The Beginnings.

Richard Gurney Lodge was consecrated on Saturday 23rd October 1971 at 47 St Giles’ Street Norwich a t4.30pm in the Bowers Temple. The ceremony was conducted by the then Provincial Grand Master, RWBro. Richard Quintin Gurney. TD DL. Who was assisted by his deputy, WBro Geoffrey Seymour Hamilton Dicker. CBE.TD.DL. and other distinguished brethren of the Provincial Grand Lodge.

Our Lodge Lineage can be traced back through our Mother Lodge, Walpole No 1500 to Social Lodge No 93.

The Consecration was not at the appointed premises, which at that time were The Parish Rooms, Old Costessey (not far from the Norfolk Showground) as the numbers attending (over 150) this important occasion and the subsequent Festive Board were considered too many for that building to accommodate.

The Lodge continued to grow and the members decided it was time to move to bigger premises. In May 1990 the last meeting was held in Costessey and in October of that year the Lodge moved to its current location in Wymondham to the masonic Halls owned by Doric Lodge No 1193. In 2011 Richard Gurney Lodge celebrated 40yrs as a lodge and although numbers had dwindled from the halcyon days of the mid 90’s the Lodge still maintains a healthy membership.

The Claret Ritual

Based on George Claret’s book “The Whole of Craft Masonry”, The Claret Ritual was first published in 1833 and follows the ritual generally practiced by the Emulation Lodge of Improvement in 1823. It was the first published ritual that Grand Lodge didn’t object to as up until that time publications of ritual had been more in the manner of an exposé of rituals in use. We know from records and ritual books we have access to that the Sixth edition (circa 1870) and 7th edition (circa 1874) was used between 1874-1885 by our Mother Lodge, Walpole No 1500 consecrated in 1874 at the of Instruction by Bro F. Isley Lodge Preceptor at that time. Naturally, Richard Gurney Lodge adopted Claret workings as their own.

George Claret was a printer from Finsbury in London and his Masonic credentials acknowledge that he was a Past Master of Lodge 11 and 229. Following his death his widow continued for many years publishing the ritual. The most up to date versions have all been reprinted by Walpole Lodge. We are very interested in any Lodge that uses Claret Ritual as to date we know of only Walpole and Richard Gurney.

Further ResearchI am pleased to say that a 4th edition (circa 1860) was purchased (2012) for the Lodge and we have access to a very rare 2nd edition (1841). Interestingly we have noted that apart from a few minor differences the Claret Ritual we practice today is extremely close to that in the books. Further research is ongoing and we are working on the “changes” so in the near future we can look at where the ritual over time has differed and if we should return to the original ritual if we can. The Lodge is indebted to WBro Jack Curl for this work and to WBro George Ashworth for his knowledge and assistance.

 Past Masters of Richard Gurney Lodge

1971 K Gamble 2001 A.R. Warren
1972 J H Smellie 2002 B.T. Wakefield
1973 J E Dyer 2003 D. Barney
1974 A E S Cowell 2004 A. F. Hubbard
1975 D Copage 2005 T.Y.K. Larkowsky
1976 K G Andrews 2006 J.A.W. Curl
1977 N W D Wicks 2007 A. Kerrigan
1978 R T East 2008 A. P.P. Hawkins
1979 B L Sparkes 2009 A.N.Sewell
1980 F E Beadle 2010 D.G. Clover
1981 S E Bygrave 2011 D Barney
1982 R Thomson 2012 D Macintyre
1983 R Oldfield 2013  J Nugent
1984 J A Yallop 2014  B Duffin
1985 D.G. Clover 2015  P Timson
1986 G A Shipp 2016  M. Wakefield
1987 R Thomson 2017  S. Baynton
1988 A J Thomson 2018
1989 G P Crowe 2019
1990 J L Locke 2020
1991 G I Wyatt 2021
1992 G H Turner 2022
1993 P D Williams 2023
1994 P D Williams 2024
1995 R J Hawes
1996 M J Fisher
1997 E G Hudson
1998 G Paton
1999 G A Thorpe
2000 A N Sewell