Saint Nicholas Lodge No. 6623

saint nicholas logo

Meeting Place:

  • Royal Assembly Rooms,
  • Albert Square,
  • Great Yarmouth,
  • NR30 3JH

W.M: David Sayles, 9 Cargate Lane, Upton, Norwich, NR13 6AU
Tel: 01493 750635 (home) 07711 779118 (Mobile)

Secretary: Paul R. Jarvis, 33 Claydon Grove, Gorelston on Sea, Great Yarmouth, NR31 8AU
Tel: 07767 248968

Almoner: Michael G. Houghton, 115 Green Lane, Bradwell, Great Yarmouth, NR31 8QE
Tel: 01493 663808
E-mail: N/A

Next Master: T H A Eastaugh, The Stables, 25 The Green, Freethorpe, Norwich, Norfolk, NR13 3NY
Tel: 01493 701028 (Home) 07760 168823 (Mobile)


History of Saint Nicholas Lodge

Saint Nicholas Lodge was consecrated on 4th May 1948 after the General Purposes Committee of the Lodge of Friendship No. 100 agreed that the time was opportune for the formation of a new Lodge in Great Yarmouth.

Every Lodge in Great Yarmouth was represented in the list of Founders, also some representatives of Suffolk Lodges.

It was decided to adopt the Stability Ritual, as there was only one other Lodge outside of London and the Home counties doing so.

The Lodge was named after Saint Nicholas for two reasons,

  1. After the local Parish Church, which was being rebuilt at the time.
  2. Saint Nicholas being the Patron Saint of Sailors, it was a great name for a Seaside Resort with a thriving Fishing Industry.

The Lodge Banner was Designed from the Congress Banner which was displayed in Saint Nicholas Church.

The Lodge Crest, displayed above, contains the Lodge Name and Number, with an oval centre depicting the three silver herrings, the ancient seal of the Burgess of Great Yarmouth up to 1340 AD. Crossing this Crest are a Bishop’s crook and an oar. The crook represents Saint Nicholas as a Bishop and the oar representing him as the Patron Saint of Sailors. The Oval Centre is surmounted by a Bishops Mitre.

The Alms collection box was made from Oak salvaged from the ruins of Saint Nicholas Church and is shaped like the famous Venables Pulpit which was destroyed with the Church. This Alms box is still used by the Lodge at some of its meetings.