Four Seasons Lodge No. 9384

Meeting Place:

  • The Masonic Hall,
  • 108 Norwich Road,
  • Wroxham,
  • NR12 8RY

The Lodge meets on the fourth Thursday in March, June and September and the third Thursday in December (Installation meeting)

W.M: Peter G. Sykes, 12 Potters Drive, Hopton, Great Yarmouth, NR31 9RW
Tel: 01502 731481

Secretary: Robin E. Watkeys, 38, Park Road, Spixworth, Norwich, NR10 3PJ
Tel: 01603 891343

Almoner: Samuel W.G. Mixer, Woodland Court, Horstead, Norwich, NR12 7NX
Tel: 01603 737264 (Home) 07880 586388 (Mobile)

Next Master:  Rodney I. Goodrum, The Rowans, 20 School Road, South Walsham, Norwich, NR13 6DZ
Tel: 01603 270560 (Home)  07833 713053 (Mobile)

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Four Seasons Lodge No 9384

Four Seasons Lodge was consecrated in the Masonic Royal Assembly Rooms, Great Yarmouth on Saturday 17th November 1990 by a Warrant, issued by Grand Lodge and dated 26th April 1990.

The Petitioners were a group of like-minded friends and Brothers who were members of several and different Lodges meeting at Wroxham and other Masonic Centres in Norfolk. The emphasis of their thinking was to put Freemasonry into the Man and not the Man into Freemasonry, and, whilst not wishing to create a lodge of research, Four Seasons could be considered a lodge of learning. Meeting once in each season with the December Meeting being designated the Installation Meeting, then, of the remaining three, one would hopefully be an actual ceremonial or ‘working’ Meeting and the others to be considered for presentations or demonstrations. However, from the outset it was agreed a degree of flexibility would be retained.The Founders were determined that the unique Ritual and Workings they established should be maintained and protected as far as possible and whilst the majority of the membership are Joining Members coming from other Workings etc, the Founders’ wishes have been, to a greater extent, respected.

Four Seasons is one of the few in the Province of Norfolk, adopting, from its inception, the dress code of DJ’s. This came about through the founders deciding that whilst Festive Boards are relaxed and enjoyable affairs it is rather nice to dress up of an evening particularly to sit down to a formal, or partially so, dinner and toasts etc.

The sponsoring Lodge was Wayford Lodge No 8490 which also meets at Wroxham. The Banner of the Lodge, indicating fruits of the individual seasons of the year with an introduction of Masonic influence, was designed and elegantly made by Mrs Christine Greenfield the accomplished wife of Bro Clive Greenfield who was the first DC of the Lodge.

Over the years since its consecration, the membership of the Lodge hasremained fairly constant with members emanating from many walks of life and professions. The atmosphere of friendship and welcoming at the meetings is immediately apparent and the continuing high numbers of visitors at those meetings bears witness to that fact.